5 Things to Look for in a Closing Attorney

For many, real estate is their greatest investment! Choosing the right closing attorney can reduce stress associated with buying a home and provide superior protection to your investment. Here are some things to look for in a great closing attorney:

  1. Real Estate Experience – Real estate law is very complex and specific. Selecting an attorney that practices exclusively real estate law is important to ensure a successful closing in which all aspects of title and title insurance are fully understood. Many issues can pop up during your closing process, but an experienced real estate or closing attorney will ensure everything has been properly addressed before you sit down at the table.
  2. Exceptional Communication – Have you ever heard communication is key? That concept applies in selecting a great closing attorney, as well. As additional items, documents, or issues arise in the process, your real estate attorney should keep you updated and informed. Without exceptional communication, items fall through the cracks and parties are often left unaware or uninformed.
  3. On Time-Closings Record – Closing dates that move unexpectedly can cause costly changes in your moving expenses. A closing attorney that is committed to on-time closings alleviates the stress and money associated with ever changing or late closing dates. A great closing will address any issues, including title issues, early and will be in constant communication with your lender to meet required deadlines.
  4. Proven Simple Processes – Real estate closings can be tedious work. As documents are issued, received, and needed by certain deadlines, a great closing attorney will demonstrate proven streamlined processes are in place. Your closing attorney should be committed to constantly updating and improving their processes, as well.
  5. Excellent Client Experience – You should feel informed and comfortable throughout your closing process. The best closing attorneys will provide a relaxed yet professional atmosphere as you sit down for your closing day!
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