Wire Fraud Warning: How to Avoid It

Wire Fraud scams are rapidly increasing for real estate closings, even in the Greenville / Columbia / Atlanta / Spartanburg areas. The thought of permanently losing your down payment for your home is extremely daunting, however, there are some simple ways you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim of wire fraud.

  1. ALWAYS call to confirm any wiring instructions that you receive. Verbally review each account and routing number with a trusted source.
  2. Don’t immediately trust emails. Scammers send emails that can be convincing and sophisticated. Be sure to check the URL of each email. Note: All Nelson & Galbreath, LLC emails will end with the following URL: @nelsongalbreath.com.
  3. Stay vigilant! Scammers are always changing and updating their systems. Use your instincts, ask questions, and stay in communication with your bank and real estate attorney. When possible, use a certified check for closing funds.
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